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Dream Girl 11th November 2015 Written Update

Ayesha talking to Manav’s pic and crying. She misses him and says she does not have him with her now. She says she took Navrang’s responsibility, maybe Lord wanted her to take care of it. She asks him not to worry, she will tell family on right time, else they will think she is happy with his death. She keeps his photo upside down. Karan talks on phone and delays the movie release. He tells Prem that we will make Manav’s dream true. Their legal advisor Gupta comes and says he was shocked seeing the news, sorry for their loss. I heard the person who is going to die knows about it, so Manav realized it and gave Navrang’s responsibility to Ayesha. They get shocked.

Karan asks what is he saying. Gupta says yes, Ayesha came and transferred Navrang’s 54 % shares, she had Manav and all director’s digital signatures. Aarti looks on shocked. Gupta says I transferred as everyone gave their permission. He leaves. Prem shouts and says Ayesha was doing this, she cheated us and has stolen our signatures, she wants to become owner of Navrang, greedy and selfish woman. Prem says I m Manav’s father but I have to say, its good Manav died before seeing all this. Sona cries. Karan gets a call and is shocked. Aarti looks on.

Its morning, Ayesha sees the news of new movie release, which is last one from Manav. The public response is not good, and media regards it a big flop. Ayesha gets shocked seeing the small opening, it will ruin Navrang, and have a loss of 100-200 crores, if Manav is not alive, how will Navrang pay for the loss, Navrang studio is over after Manav’s death.

Ayesha will get traders’ calls. She receives anxious. She assures that Motion picture will do good, its Navrang’s Film. She will get indignant and finishes calls. She claims how can she give dollars, can it be her mistake, she didn’t guarantee them, Manav was gonna provide them with dollars, go and choose money from Manav, irritating people today. She states Sareen spouse and children will handle this for building a nonsense Film. She sees information about Karan offering an Formal statement from the press convention at Navrang.

Karan addresses the media. He claims you’re going to get answers, but not by doing this, I referred to as this press conference to guarantee traders that they will not bear the reduction, Ayesha Sareen will solution for this, as she has the major stake on Navrang soon after Manav died. Aarti walks in Navrang as Ayesha. Ayesha gets shocked seeing her.

Karan asks Aarti To do that for Manav’s sake. Aarti attempts to smile, and walks confidently like Ayesha. Ayesha appears shocked seeing her on Tv set. The reporter asks Aarti, inquiring Ayesha will provide all her house to pay for the loss.

Aarti promises as Ayesha, that she will pay all the loss to the investors. Ayesha gets shocked.

Written Update By Amena


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