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Diya Aur Baati Hum 26th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Diya Aur Baati Hum watch online

The Episode starts with Lalima giving her statement in court. She says she is telling everything what happened with her, she got that courage from a woman. She says if Bhabho was not there that day, my life would have been ruined, maybe I could not bear that insult and end life, I m standing here because of my Bhabho. Shukla says crime has happened, but we have to see in what situation it happened, Mohit tried to rape Lalima, Bhabho reached there and tried hard to stop him, she is old and failed to stop him, she did not know what to do, she took a stone and hit him, he died, there was no plan behind this murder, it was just helplessness by that situation, I request you to think about this.

The prosecution lawyer opposes this and talks to Bhabho. She says she wants to present truth. She asks did you kill your son to save Lalima’s respect? Bhabho says yes. The lawyer asks her how was her relation with her son. Bhabho says like a mother has with her son. The lawyer asks is this normal to kick out son from home. Bhabho says if son does mistake, mother has full right to punish him. The lawyer says your two sons earn and Mohit was useless burden, I heard Mohit stayed away from home for years and your family lost name, you were angry on him that Mohit went on wrong path. Bhabho says I know, he did few mistakes, I know what you want to hear, I will tell you, I was annoyed with my son, I was angry, that day he crossed the limit, I tried to explain him and stop him, he did not listen to me, I could not see wrong happening infront of me, that’s why I got angry and hit stone on his head.

The lawyer says it means you took stone and hit on his head in your total senses. Bhabho says yes, I wanted to kill that sinner. The lawyer says I had to ask many questions, but you answered this and solved my problem, I wanted to prove this, she has told the truth, that she was annoyed and angry on him, its anger of a failed mother, that’s why she killed her son, if she thought once, she would have called someone for help, or hit on Mohit’s body, she knew Sooraj was there and would have called him, she decided that she had to kill him, there is nothing great in this, she did not save any woman’s respect, it was her anger, she was silent and did everything to hide from police, this would have not come out if her well earning son did not come here. Sooraj says its lie. Judge asks him to be quiet. The lawyer says this murder was a mother’s anger, she earned name by acting great, will any mother tell the family not to cry for her son when the dead body was at home. Meenakshi says she knows everything. Sooraj says this is also lie. The lawyer says this is just her frustration.

Shukla says that was not intentionally, she has hit stone on head which was random. The lawyer says Santosh Rathi has accepted this in her statement, now we have statement, evidence that she killed Mohit, if we don’t punish her, this mother will present a bad example for the society, I want Mrs Santosh Rathi to get strictly punished. Everyone worry.

The judge writes the verdict. He says after seeing all the evidences and hearing both parties, the court has come to this decision, Santosh Rathi tried to save Lalima, but her crime does not get less by this, she has killed her son Mohit by her anger and internal provocation, so this court gives her punishment of life imprisonment. Everyone get shocked and cry.

The judge says Sooraj tried to divert the court, so he is asked to pay a fine, else he will be given one year imprisonment if he fails to pay fine. Everyone cry for Bhabho. Bhabho looks at Sooraj. Meenakshi asks Bhabho not to worry. Bhabho blesses Lalima and asks her to be happy. Babasa stops Bhabho and says when you were going Jaipur for operation, our talk was left incomplete, I wanted to say you took right decision for family till now, my Santosh can’t be wrong, I m proud of you and will always be. She holds his hand and they cry. Satya asks Bhabho to come. Sandhya looks at the Statue of Lady justice.

Rathi family comes home. Meenakshi holds lock to open and gets black color on her hand. She sees Kaatil Maa written on the wall. Vikram tells Sooraj that everything will be fine, all wounds will heal by time. Meenakshi asks Sandhya to see. Sandhya asks what happened. Meenakshi cries and shows Apradhi Maa. They all get shocked seeing that and cry.

Sandhya tells the judge that she wants to reopen this case. The judge says her appeal is rejected. He hears someone calling for help and rushes. Sandhya too rushes to help the girl.

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