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Diya Aur Baati Hum 12th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya opening the gate and going somewhere. She hears Ved’s call and says Ved is crying. She runs to find him. She looks around. She gets shocked seeing him stuck in some big net trap. She shouts Ved. He asks her to save him. she says don’t worry, I m coming. She tries to free him. She holds his foot and tries to get him down. Ved gets lifted in the air by that net. She shouts and jumps to get him. Ved cries. She shouts Ved and cries seeing Ved disappearing. She cries. She wakes up by this dream. She goes out and sees Ved getting charity from people to do festival in grand way. She cries seeing Ved in superstitions. She thinks Ved will visit houses to get charity for Devi, and I can’t even stop him.

Emily goes to Om and says I want to talk to you. She asks does Maasa has digital watch. He says I never gave her any digital watch, Maasa does not wear watch. She asks about AB negative blood group member in their house. He says no one. She shows the sindoor box and says I got this from Maasa’s cupboard, she scolded me when this disappeared, and today I got this from her cupboard. Maasa lied to me, and truth came out later. I wanted to talk to Sandhya and cal did not connect, Maasa is hiding something. Om says why to call Sandhya, its family matter, we should solve this, I will talk to Maasa, why to trouble Sandhya, she went out. He asks her to get water. He sits thinking and worries.

Sooraj hugs and makes Ved sleep. Sandhya cries seeing Ved chanting Mukeshwari’s name in sleep. She gets up and says we have to…. Sooraj gets up and says take away Ved right now, its too much, I want to take Ved away from here, I think some human is doing this to stop Ved here, there is not Devi behind this, I will take Ved to Pushkar, trust me. She says yes, but I m afraid that Bhabho will get annoyed. He says Ved is our son, we have right to take decision, don’t worry, just support me.

She says Bhabho will feel bad, we can’t annoy Bhabho, you take away Ved, I will stay here, atleast Ved will be out of this. He says this is right. She says I will manage Bhabho. They hold hands. Sooraj covers Ved and takes him to the car. Its windy night. Sandhya is with them. Sooraj says once Ved is out of this area, everything will get fine. She asks how did the weather get bad suddenly. Sooraj makes Ved sit in car, while Sandhya opens the gate. Sooraj ties the seat belt. They see the bulb bursting.

Sandhya says this bulb. Sooraj says nothing, you go inside house. She asks him to call her. He says yes, I will call, you go. She says I will go, you leave first. He drives the car and leaves. Sandhya switches on phone’s torchlight and closes the gate. Someone follows her. She gets a jerk as something comes in her way. The phone falls down. Mukeshwari’s cloth falls over her, and she holds her back. She picks the cloth and phone. She sees the snakes and idol pic on the cloth. She holds her neck feeling pain, as if someone has bitten her or injected something in her neck.

Meenakshi tells Sandhya that power has gone, take this lantern. She screams seeing Sandhya’s face blue. Sandhya sees herself in mirror and gets shocked seeing her face turned blue. She gets neelvish too.

Written Update by Amena

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