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Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Sandhya seeing her inner self. She says I called police for help, I called officers to catch the snake, but nothing happened, the villagers can’t go against their superstitions, they are ready to give their life, they can’t hear a word against their devotion for Mukeshwari. Her inner soul says you are accepting failure before fighting, the people who regard you their idol, your image in their hearts will shatter. Sandhya says let people think anything, I will not stay here, I can risk my life, but I can’t put Ved at stake, his life, his future…. I will not fight, I m a helpless mother, I don’t have anything left now. She packs the clothes in a suitcase and cries.

Sandhya says I have no option left now, I want to bring my son out of this superstitions, I don’t care what others think. Sooraj comes there and looks at her. She says you will also ask me why am I running.

Sooraj says I did not come to explain you anything, I came to say I m always with you. She hugs him. Diya ayr baati hum….plays…………..

Maasa goes to attend guests. The man says you did the limit, when your family had no time to talk to us, why did you call us, to insult us this way. Maasa says no, I had some imp work, tell me what will you have. The lady says we shall leave now, why shall we sit now, your son and bahu are not here, whom should we talk, thanks, we got insulted. The groom’s family leaves. Om and Emily come home. Ritu gets angry on Emily for not attending the guests. She says you just care for your daughters, your marriage was forced on you, why will you do your duties then. Om says its enough now.

Om asks Ritu does she not have manners to talk to elders, before insulting her, remember she is my wife, no one will talk to her in high tone, her relation is not just with me, but with family too. Emily cries. Om gets a call and tells Emily that I have to leave for clinic, you go to room. He leaves. Maasa gets angry and looks at Emily. Chandni asks Emily to go to her room.

Binny and Rishabh have a talk. Sandhya tells them that they are leaving now. Bhabho hears this. Binny asks why are you leaving suddenly, are you going against Mukeshwari. Bhabho says no, we are here since many days, staying here is some problem, Arzoo has all responsibilities there, how will she manage, so I decided we will leave for home today. Sooraj calls out Ved. Ved comes and asks where are they going. Bhabho says home. Sooraj says we are going Pushkar. Ved asks why, we were staying for one more week. Sooraj says Sandhya has some imp work. Ved says mumma can go, I will stay here and come later, I got to know that Mukeshwari’s festival is being celebrated next week, I want to attend it.

Sandhya thinks Ved is ready to stay away from me, as he wants to see Devi’s festival. Sooraj says Sandhya will miss you a lot, and tries convincing him. Ved says it would be good if we went next week, I would have seen festival. Sooraj asks Sandhya to come.
Sandhya’s suitcase falls. The clothes fall out. They get shocked seeing the clothes burnt. Sandhya asks who went in my room. Binny asks her to stop it and not blame anyone, this happened as Ved wants to stay here to attend Devi’s festival and Devi wants Ved to stay here, he is Devi’s fav, you understand this, else don’t know what will happen. She tells Bhabho that Sandhya is over educated, but Bhabho should understand this. Meenakshi and Bhabho worry.

Ved says we will stay here, I still have some holidays. Binny says you all won’t go anywhere till Devi’s festival. Sandhya prays to Maa and asks for strength. She cries and says give me strength to save my child.

Arzoo cries seeing Chotu and tells Babasa that this happened because of her, Piya did this for me. Babasa says no, you did not do anything, Piya did this, pray that Chotu gets conscious, he should know difference between loved ones and others. Piya thinks I can’t lose so soon. Chotu gets conscious. Vikram tells this to them. Piya rushes first and asks Chotu is he fine. She says I fell in my own eyes, I loved you a lot, I could not see you getting away, now its no use to stay here.

Sooraj asks Ved to come, they will go home, Babasa is waiting for him. he asks Ved not to get scared, and call Sandhya. Binny says nothing can happen here without Mukeshwari’s wish. Ved goes to Sandhya and says we will go home, nothing will happen, we all are together, Papa told me. Sandhya hugs him and asks him to pray to Lord. They all start leaving. Dakshak snake comes there and gets on a tree branch. Sandhya goes ahead of everyone. The tree branch falls down…… Bhabho and Sooraj shout Sandhya, and everyone get shocked.

Sooraj, and everyone are leaving. Binny and her family look on. The snake attacks the car. They all get shocked.

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