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Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th July 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Bhabho asking Sooraj to just say truth. Sooraj says Sandhya is right, goondh is not dry. Meenakshi laughs and says Bhabho is getting angry in heart. Bhabho says stop it, I have years of experience, Sandhya can’t be equal to me. Sandhya says yes. Bhabho tells her to be at home tomorrow and not go to shop, as there is puja. Sandhya says fine, make laddoos Bhabho, I m hungry. Meenakshi asks Sandhya to have medicines.

Sooraj tells Sandhya that she has become expert in cooking. Sandhya says yes, our daughter will like sweets a lot, as I eat many sweets. They smile.

Its night, Bhabho and Arzoo prepare for Satva pujan for Sandhya’s baby. Arzoo says Chotu asked me to make video and send him. Meenakshi says I will send video to him and make him jealous. Bhabho asks for Sandhya. Emily comes with mehendi designer. Bhabho asks Arzoo to call Sandhya. Sandhya is at shop. She thinks to finish all work, make sweets for tomorrow and be free.

The shutter falls down. Sandhya gets worried and wraps up the work. She goes to lift the shutter. She lifts shutter and sees Sooraj with Birju. Sooraj says you are here, I was calling you since long time. She sends Birju and takes Sooraj inside shop. She says we got big order of sweets, I can’t work after applying mehendi, so I came here to make jalebis. He asks where are others. She says its fine, shutter is damaged, and I will get it repaired in few days, I gave leave to workers, don’t worry, you just be here, I will complete order and then apply mehendi.

Arzoo tells Bhabho that Sandhya is nowhere. Bhabho asks Meenakshi to go and see shop. Meenakshi sees shutter down. Sandhya says just five mins more. Meenakshi says shop is shut, Sandhya does not listen to anyone, Bhabho should scold her. Bhabho says I will call Sandhya and take her class. Sandhya makes the jalebis. Sooraj asks her to come now. She says I will cover it with foil. He says do it later, I got food for you. She recalls the old moment when she used to take tiffin for him. He says I was waiting for you. She smiles and takes the tiffin from him. He says when I used to work at shop, you used to get food for me, now its my duty. She thanks him. She opens the tiffin and smiles. He says its your fav food. She starts getting labor pain.

He asks her to be careful. She screams and he gets worried. He asks is it aching. She falls down and says I think time has come. Sooraj says shutter is locked, how should I call out. He shouts Bhabho, Meenakshi…. He asks Sandhya to be strong, try to get up. He shouts to Arzoo and Meenakshi…. He sees Bhabho’s incoming call and tells Sandhya to answer the call, and tell her that we are stuck inside shop, I know you can do this, get up. Sandhya screams and is lying in pain on the ground. Bhabho says Sandhya is not answering. Sooraj asks Sandhya to try and take phone. Sandhya crawls and gets her phone. She answers call and screams. Bhabho asks her what happened.

Sooraj says Bhabho, we are stuck in shop, come fast, break shutter. Bhabho gets shocked and says I will come. She asks Meenakshi to call doctor, Sandhya is at shop, pain started, shutter got locked. Bhabho asks Sandhya to have courage. She calls Vikram and Babasa to open the shutter. Vikram says I think its locked from inside, we have to break it. They all try to break the shutter. Arzoo calls doctor and says Sandhya got labor pains, come fast. Bhabho asks Sooraj not to worry, they are trying. Sooraj feels helpless. Sandhya struggles in pain, and kicks the table. All the jalebis she prepared fall on the ground. Sooraj shouts Sandhya, and everyone stop hearing him.

Sooraj gains his inner strength. Siya Ram…..plays…………. Everyone try to lift the shutter. Sooraj cries for his helplessness and tries hard to move. He sees Sandhya in pain and tries harder. Sandhya sees Sooraj trying to move and cries. She faints.

Everyone get shocked and happy seeing Sooraj lifting the shutter with his hands and being on his feet. They get happily surprised finding Sooraj completely fine. Bhabho and everyone happily cry. Bhabho holds Sooraj. He says I m fine, Sandhya is there. She says now there is no time to take her to hospital. She asks Meenakshi, Arzoo and Emily to come with her. The ladies go inside and pull shutter down. Meenakshi says Sandhya has lost courage. Bhabho says no, she has courage, go and get water first. Babasa asks Sooraj not to worry, see you got fine before the child came in the world, this is a good sign, the child made you recover, everything will be fine. Vikram says Babasa is right. Bhabho asks Sandhya to be strong. Sandhya screams. Ved prays. Rathi women do Sandhya’s delivery. They all hear a baby’s cry and smile. Bhabho comes out of the shop, with the baby in her arms. Sooraj looks at his daughter and cries.

Doctor checks Sandhya and the baby. Doctor asks Bhabho and Sooraj to come with her. She asks who did this delivery. Bhabho says I have done that, is everything fine.

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