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Dil Se Dil Tak 27th July 2017 Written Update

Teni leaves. Aman was worried what if Teni really runs away. Shorvari is sure she won’t run away. Aman was worried about the last dream of Teni, he could expect anything from Teni. He asks Parth for his help, Parth laughs and promises Aman. He thinks this is Teni’s childishness and the results can be worst.
In the room, Teni thinks she won’t marry in either cases, if the dreams aren’t fulfilled and if Aman gets the know about the truth. Outside, Parth thinks what he must do, what if Teni really runs away. There in the room, Teni says Parth must come to speak to her if he doesn’t want a drama in the Sangeet. He must be angry at her but won’t get furious over her. She comes out of the room while Parth comes inside, both confront each other. Teni thinks he must wait for him to speak

to her. Parth passes Teni without talking to her. Teni shuts the door of her room and cries. Parth thinks if he tries to speak to her she will ruin things, its better he ignores the matters right now. Teni was upset that Parth ignored her, he would now see what Teni is capable of. She brings out a red envelope, cuts out Parth’s photo and says this all is because of him only. She encloses the photo in red envelope and says Aman should now open the envelope, he would witness that Parth is her dream, how he would open it. She places the envelope back. She then thinks that Aman might never marry her and her dream to go to America must end. She let it go, and says she would accept in front of Aman that she fell in love with Parth. She ties a red chunri over her head and decides she will now get what’s in her life.
Sejal thinks about calling Rishab. She turns around to see Jagruti in the same restaurant and questions what Sejal is doing here. Jagruti questions her the same. Rishab comes there and says he invited them together deliberately, he says it’s an important reason. Sejal asks what it means. Mohini calls Sejal, Sejal leaves her call on. Rishab asks if they brought him some gift, Sejal was about to bring out the gift. Jagruti says she didn’t bring any. Rishab asks if she already knew it’s his birthday. He says he wanted to celebrate it with both of them. Sejal wish him birthday. Jagruti says they must now leave, Rishab gets her at a distance and says he needs to speak to her about a few matters. Jagruti nods and takes a leave. Rishab says he wants to share something in his mind with her.
At home, Jalpa was speaking to a patient on phone. Bharat comes to the room. Jalpa asks why he is angry at her, he doesn’t even reply to whatever he says. She has been noticing his ignorance since many days. Bharat complains she didn’t think once what he would suffer. He says he never hides anything from her and she has hidden a huge matter from her. Jalpa says she only hid the matter because she was sure he won’t be able to bear it. Bharat says he has been suffocating now, thinking that… Jalpa says she didn’t intend to do so, she only wanted to see such confidence in his eyes. She took help from Papa’s friend so that he never knows he got loan because of her. Bharat asks if she had hidden this as well. He says he now realize their relation is based upon a lie. He leaves the room.
The next morning, Teni was in the room and thinks their mehndi drama would soon begin. She takes her bottle of wine and pours a glass for herself. She takes a sip and speaks to her baby that he is so nice, she won’t sip to hurt him.
Parth was looking after the wedding decorations. He was upset about Teni’s demands from Aman. Aman comes there and watching chandelier fall over Parth he saves him. He asks Parth why is he lost. Parth says he has been really busy with much of arrangements. Aman wonders where he must find the red envelope, what if she runs away and asks for his help. Shorvari comes to tell Aman Teni can’t hide any secrets. Parth wonders why this girl is doing all this. He turns around to see Teni come downstairs, she confronts Parth then comes to Aman and asks about his preparations. He says he is stuck with her envelope’s dream. Teni says she is also stuck, since she got the meaning of love she also feels she fall in love.

PRECAP: Teni decides to end the matter and comes to Parth’s room. Shorvari asks what Teni is doing here.

Written Update by Sona

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