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Dhhai Kilo Prem 22nd August 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rahul wakes up on the street taking Meghna’s name and calls her. He hopes Meghna is fine. Neighbors makes snide remarks on Meghna and says Pankaj’s bahu might have helped her elope. They say Meghna can’t say in the house. Piyush gets angry and asks them to go and take care of their homes. Kunal asks the neighbors to go, and think about Pankaj. Pankaj asks who brought her here? Pragya says your bahu and helped her elope also. Meghna says no and tells that Deepu brought her back and tells that she betrayed her and eloped. Pankaj stands up and slaps Meghna. He asks her to go and throw her out of house. Rahul comes and holds her on time. Pankaj closes the door. Meghna knocks on the door and asks him to open the door.

Pankaj says you all have hurt me equally. Madhuri
says you were not well. Piyush says your BP was high. Deepu asks him to give a chance to Meghna. Pankaj says ok, and gives a chance, then stops them saying if anyone bring Meghna inside then have to see her dead face. Meghna hugs Rahul and cries. Rahul says we didn’t do anything wrong and says my maa and your papa have done wrong. Madhuri cries. Deepu says I will bring her.

Namrata says no, and says now she will understand our value. Pragya says she will blacken her pigeons with whom she has eloped. Pragya blames Deepu for helping her elope. Tushar supports Deepu. Meghna knocks on the door and asks them to open the door, and let her come. Pragya talks against Meghna. Deepu asks them to let her open the door. Pankaj says nobody will open the door. Madhuri cries. Rahul tells Meghna that they shall marry. Meghna asks him to go and says she will stay there. Rahul says we have to take a decision. Meghna agrees. Rahul says we will marry. They leave from there.

Rukmini comes to the Police station with mishra ji and Ragini and files kidnapping complaint against Meghna, Pankaj, Piyush, Deepu and Kunal. Mishra ji asks what you are saying? Ragini asks where is Rahul? Madhuri gets worried for Meghna and blames herself. Deepu says if you talk to her then she will understand. Madhuri says she will not go against Pankaj. Deepu asks him to rest in her room. Madhuri says I am fine. Deepu cries.

Meghna calls Deepu and tells that she is going to marry Rahul in temple. Deepu asks them not to hurry up and tells that everyone will understand. Meghna says I stood outside the house, but nobody opened the door. Rahul takes the call and apologizes to her. Meghna takes the call and asks her to come for the promise which Piyush gave to her and for the chunar which Madhuri made for her. Rahul takes the call and asks her to come, says he started understanding love because of her, and wants to fulfill Meghna’s wish. Deepu says she will talk to Piyush.

Pankaj does Meghna’s last rites as he disowns her. Everyone cries.

Written Update by H Hasan

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