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Dehleez 4th May 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with goon asking who did this and getting angry. He shoots. Asad worries for his friend. Everyone look on worried. Abhay catches one of the goons. Adarsh catches another goon. Jaidev asks him to be careful. Asad is glad seeing the goon’s hand shot. He thanks the guy for saving his friend. Abhay says I m IPS officer, don’t worry, I have witnessed all this. He asks Jaidev to call control room and ask why did police not reach till now. Jaidev calls control room and asks about police. Asad asks Arvind is he fine. Arvind looks in trauma.

Asad gets his friends to the flat. He says Arvind is so scared, I thought to get you all here to new flat. He says Lord saved us, and gives keys to them. He tells Arvind that they are safe, chill, you got the flat. He says rent is 9000rs, you three have to give 3000rs each, give it on time, else dad will be annoyed. He gets Swadheenta’s call. She asks did you all reach home safe. He says yes, I gave them keys, did you reach. She says I m also reaching, take care. She ends call. Adarsh asks her about Asad and his friends. She says Arvind is fine, Asad and his friends are coward and stupid. Asad hugs his friends and leaves.

Asad’s friends change their nature the moment Asad leaves. Arvind throws the things and gets a laptop. Arvind tells how he shot the goon and gave the gun in drunk man’s hand. He says if I did not shoot the goon, he would have killed me, I can’t die till my mission succeeds. Our plan was to reach youth festival, that’s why I took admission in Delhi’s college. He says we have changed our identity, and FB shows how Arvind was always focused on his work. He says we did not get selected from our college, so we had to change our way, and asked Asad for getting a room for us. They talk to someone and says mission is still going on, we will win. The man asks did they decide any date. Arvind says youth festival is after 4 days, we will decide new date and inform you soon. He ends the call, and tells that a right chance, right date and then there will be blast.

Its morning, pandit tells engagement mahurat is after 4 days. Suhasini asks Adarsh is he okay. Adarsh asks her to decide. She asks pandit to start preparations. She calls Appa and informs him about mahurat after 4 days. Appa asks just 4 days? He tells Mamu about mahurat. Mamu says we will do arrangements, say yes to her. Appa asks sure, fine. He tells Suhasini that its fine with them. She asks him to start preparations, they have to invite politicians and bureaucrats. He says it means it will be tight security. She laughs and says I promise you won’t be checked this time. She ends call and says shall I start preparations. Adarsh and everyone go. Suhasini tells Manohar that they will prepare guest list. Jaya says I had to say… Suhasini asks Manohar not to worry, she will manage everything. Manohar thinks what is Suhasini upto.

Mamu asks Appa not to worry, when relation talk was going with Jeevan, even then date was close. Appa says yes, but this family is rich and influential, we have to be careful, we will make a list first. Mamu says I need to talk, you know Swadheenta was born infront of us, Zubeda and I felt like being blessed with child seeing Swadheenta, you and Revathi were busy, and we spent time with her. Mami says we had her with us for five years, we always prayed to have a son, as we had daughter already.

Mamu says yes, then we had a son, we shifted to Delhi from Chennai, whenever Zubeda went for shopping, she always bought something for Swadheenta. Mami says I know you don’t like our interference in your personal matter, but we have saved something for Swadheenta’s marriage, which we want to give her, we need your permission. Swadheenta comes and smiles hearing them. Revathi says you don’t need any permission, Swadheenta is your daughter too, you can do anything for her. Swadheenta tells them that she will meet them often, and hugs Mami.

Simmi says we should start arrangements. Suhasini says yes, we are preparing guest list. Manohar tells about big terrorist caught two days ago, if he is interrogated well, he can give info about many terrorists. He gets a call and says yes Sir, don’t worry. He tells family that minister called for urgent meeting, are you coming Jaidev. Jaidev says ofcourse. Adarsh says I will come along. Manohar asks him to go and choose ring with Suhasini. She says we have to choose ring for Swadheenta too. Jaidev says that won’t be needed. Adarsh says when we went to choose ring for Vanshika, I had…. Suhasini says you are already prepared, tell me what more preparations you have done, did you get your suit stitched too. Adarsh smiles.

Manohar and Jaidev leave. Manohar asks driver to take car to central jail. Jaidev asks why. Manohar sends driver out. Jaidev asks why are we meeting that terrorist. Manohar says its about terrorism and money too, minister fixed an informal meeting, there will be some special reason for it. They leave.

Appa asks Amma to come, and be on time. He asks Swadheenta does she want anything. She says nothing, and thinks Appa is not taking me to buy my engagement ring. He asks did you say anything. She says no, I m reading book. Amma, Mami and Mamu come. Mami asks Swadheenta is she not coming with them. She makes excuses to take Swadheenta along. Appa gets puzzled and agrees. He asks Swadheenta to come. They all leave. Swadheenta laughs.

Arvind says we have to decide place and date, you go college, I will plan. He asks the other men to do as they are told to. They see news about Allan Broad arrested. They get shocked. Arvind says arrest means silence. The other guy says we need money, how long will we stay like this. Arvind says we are underground and working, they will also do their work, they know we are changing date, we will contact them later, just pray govt does not get any info from Allan. The guy says we got number. Arvind thinks money is arranged.

Adarsh tries sherwani and flirts with Swadheenta. He spots a goon….

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