What if this was to actually happen?
Colors and Salman Khan are back with what they do the best – Bigg Boss. This is channel’s one of the highest rated shows and what makes it more appealing is the host of the show, Salman Khan.
The last season of the show introduced the Celebrities V/S Commoners theme which turned out to be a huge success, with a commoner Manveer Gurjar, coming out as the winner in opposition to celebrity, VJ Bani.
And the makers are again opting for this very format, for the 11th season of the show. And while the speculated list of the contestants been approached for this season has already started doing the rounds, we decided to list down a few names, who we think, should be pulled in for the show.
Here’s our wishlist of everyone we’d love to see in Bigg Boss Season 11.
Dhinchak Pooja- The entertaining weirdo

This Delhi ‘want to be’ singer seems to have mastered the art of ‘Shit Sells’, the outcome of which are songs like ‘Selfie maine leli aaj’, Swag wali topi’ and the latest Dilon Ka Shooter’. Bigg Boss is a show, where you need a lot of patience and confidence to survive, and with (over)confidence of that level, Pooja sure fits the bill! Imagine Dhinchak Pooja composing the title track for Bigg Boss!

Tanushree Dutta- The once upon a time Miss India

Bigg Boss does work wonders for B-Town actresses whose careers have come to a standstill. Remember actresses Rimi Sen, Minissha Lamba and Tanishaa Mukerji, who were roped in to be a part of three different seasons of Bigg Boss? While Rimi and Minissha Lamba had a blink and miss stints in their respective seasons, Tanishaa Mukerji grabbed way more eyeballs and made it all the way to the finale. Well, maybe the show would do wonders for Tanushree as well.

Gajendra Chauhan- The controversial Guy

This man successfully did something that never happened in the history of Pune’s Film and Television Institute of India. He brought politics into the creative field that was helmed by the likes of Shyaam Banegal, Girish Karnad and R.K. Laxmaan among other names. Not only did the students of the institute oppose the appointment of Chauhan as they saw this as an attempt by the right wing to saffronize the institute, even actors from the industry supported the students’ demands of not accepting Chauhan as the FTII Chairman. Probably, after being roped in for Bigg Boss 11, Gajendra Chauhan will recreate his ‘magic’ (pun intended) in the house as well.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh aka MSG- Yet another Godman

This man single handedly writes the script, the screenplay and the dialogues of his film. He also writes the songs and composes the music album, not to mention, produces and directs the film AND, even acts in it. What a talent!! To us, he looks like more of a sophisticated version of Om Swami, only, MSG actually enjoys a huge and genuine followership and is not a fake God-man. Bigg Boss needs such people!

Arunabh Kumar- The Latest Buzzmaker

The TVF Chief, who was recently embroiled in multiple sexual harassment controversies, resigned from his post. Irrespective of all the news buzz, now that the ex-TVF CEO does not have much on his plate, he fits the Bigg Boss bill perfectly.

Nia Sharma- The Hottie from Tinseltown

Nia Sharma believes in the mantra ‘wear your heart on your sleeve’ and we like that about her. Asia’s third sexiest woman, has been body shamed and slut shamed, but her response to all the haters has been epic! And, doesn’t every season have a ‘no-nonsense’ contestant? Last season we had Bani J. and Nia could blend in perfectly, this season.

Shilpa Shinde- The Victim Card

While everyone has had their share of controversies, Shilpa has had hers too. She was first ousted from the show or she exited the show (no clarity here with both parties blaming the other), then she went on to accuse her show’s producer’s husband of sexual harassment (again no clarity here for the same reason) and recently, she was banned from CINTAA (Cine and Television Artists Association). Shilpa would be another perfect fit for the Bigg Boss House.

Feel like we missed out on a few more controversial names? You are free to give in your suggestions of celebrities you feel can take part in Bigg Boss 11.

(P.S: This list is purely our wishlist and has nothing to do with the actual list of the channel.)


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