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Chupke Chupke 28th July 2017 Written Update

Sanjay asks Neeraj to take drink. Neeraj refuses. Sanjay asks him to take it. Meera comes there and is shocked to see Neeraj there. She asks what he is doing here? Sanjay says your close friend came here. Meera signs Neeraj since when. Sanjay appreciates Neeraj for his poetry and gives him nick name. Meera thinks about Ankita. Sanjay and Neeraj asks if she has any problem. Meera asks Neeraj to go. Sanjay says night never ends for poet. He goes to drop him. Bua asks Abhi where is Meera. Abhi says she went to her dad’s house. Bua says your sasur’s house. Abhi says he will go and goes. Bua thinks there is something wrong. Ankita comes there. Bua takes her to talk.

Meera comes to kitchen and sees Ila in kitchen. She asks if Vijay is not cooking today. Ila says she thought to cook today. Meera

asks her if they have fight anytime and also asks about her parents. Ila says all husband and wife fight sometimes, and brings the broken vase telling her story. Meera thinks about Abhi and their fake fight. She thinks she can’t love Abhi, but they are most sorted.

Hari tells Govind that today there is a chances of storm coming as Bua will do something. Govind says let women handle the matter. Hari asks him to tell clearly that he don’t want to go. He shows the ring and says if either Abhi and Meera wears it then they will fight. Govind asks him to make Bua have the ring to bring peace. Hari talks like him.
Sanjay tells Meera that he is happy to see her happy. Meera says she will leave. They talk about Neeraj and his poetry. Sanjay asks her not to fight with anyone, specially Abhi. Meera says ok and asks to give her coffee.

Dadi comes home. Meera thinks it seems there will be some problem now. Dadi asks her to tell what happened? Bua tells her that she saw Abhi in a compromising position with a girl. Dadi laughs and says there might be some misunderstanding. Bua says she is sure. Meera is shocked and pretends to be hurt.

Meera comes to room and tells Abhi that she told him many times not to eat sitting on bed. Abhi says many times you told me. Meera opens the cupboard. She turns and sees him standing infront of her. He gets closer. Meera asks what is happening? Abhi says I am showing compromising position. He holds her chin. Meera looks at him.

Govind tells Abhi that even he had female friends, but he never get in compromising position with anyone. Abhi says he didn’t do anything as such. Dadiya tells Saru that Bua have misunderstood the things. Later Meera asks Abhi to be careful as there is a thin line between friendship and love, as Abhi went with Sherley to have food.

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