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Chupke Chupke 27th July 2017 Written Update

Abhi is talking on phone. Sherley looks at him and waves hi. Cuckoo asks what she was doing? Sherley says she was waving hi to Abhi. Cuckoot says he is a married man. Sherley tells them that she dropped Abhi home yesterday and he gave her tea. Cuckoo says he must have planned this. Sherley tells that the tea was dropped on her, so Abhi gave his shirt and buttoned it slowly. Cuckoo thinks Abhi got bored with Meera. Sanjay thinks Meera don’t tell him anything and thinks to call Abhi and enquire. He then says no, as Meera will get angry. He then thinks he is Meera’s father afterall, although he is scared of her. Just then he gets Meera’s call and she says we have become poor. Sanjay asks what? Meera asks why did he call and ended the call. Sanjay asks her to tell what is the matter and says he didn’t
sleep all night. Meera says they haven’t fought with one another and tells that she is coming late and meet him tonight. Neeraj hears her.

Ankita is tensed. Saru comes and sits beside her. Ankita thinks she can’t tell anyone and makes excuse that she has exams. Ankita says it was good that she didn’t ask me more. Sherley returns shirt to Abhi and tells that she has sprayed her favorite perfume. Abhi asks her to keep it as a gift. Cuckoo comes and tells Abhi that he never gave even handkerchief to her. Abhi looks on.

Bua comes and asks about Dadiya and Ganga. Saru says they went out. Bua says she has to tell something to them. Vijay and Sanjay are cooking in the kitchen. Vijay asks Sanjay not to worry and says Meera and Abhi are fine and haven’t fought. Just then door bell rings. Sanjay opens the door and sees Neeraj. Bua asks Saru about Abhi and Meera. Saru says they never fights and are quite understanding. Bua says it is not possible and asks her to make some sweet dish before she talks something bitter.

Sanjay asks Neeraj about his name. Neeraj tells his name and tells that he was going from here and thought to meet him. Sanjay says you did good. Neeraj thinks how to tell uncle about Meera and Abhi and feels pity on Sanjay. Meera comes home and asks Abhi about Bua. Abhi says she must have come for some reasons. Meera asks why did he come early. Abhi says Sherley is after him. Meera says they are doing wrong with all the people they loved. She says today Ankita called and told that she is worried and concerned. She says we are playing with the emotions of everyone, specially the little girl and says this is wrong. Abhi holds her hand. Meera tells him that she is going to Dad’s house. Abhi asks her to go through back door

Neeraj and Sanjay say cheers. Meera comes there and is shocked to see Neeraj there. Bua tells Dadiya that she saw Abhi with a girl in a compromising position. Meera shouts what?

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