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Chupke Chupke 18th August 2017 Written Update

Abhi feels pain in his back. Ganga knocks on the door calling Meera. Meera opens the door. Ganga asks Abhi how he is feeling now. She asks Meera if she applied ointment. Meera says no and then says sometime back. Ganga says if he still feels pain then they will give steam with warm brick. Abhi says no. Meera says she applied less ointment, says she will give him pain killer. Ganga says no and tells that pain killer shall not be taken without doctor’s advice. She goes. Meera closes the door.

Ila applies ointment on Mausami’s hand. She asks about Gacchu. Mausami says they had an accident while saving a puppy. She says Dada ji is with Gacchu, and he might have suffered a fracture. She asks about the party. Ila tells about Abhi’s back pain. Mausami says she will call Meera. Ila asks her not to call at this time. She says she got worried and hugs her.

Dadiya prays to God for Abhi and asks him to give all happiness in life. Aditi comes to Abhi’s room and gives gifts to Meera.. Abhi says which is your gift. Aditi says she forgot to bring. Abhi asks her to apply balm on his back and says this will be special gift of yours. Aditi says she will give her gift when grown up. Abhi asks her to apply balm. Aditi asks him to get balm applied by Meera and goes. Meera asks him to take off his shirt. He removes his shirt and lie down on bed. Meera applies balm to his back. Electricity goes. Abhi smiles.

Meera lights the candle and comes back to Abhi. She applies ointment and massages his back. He feels relaxed and gets sleep. Chori chori chupke chupke. She sleeps on him while massaging him. In the morning, Abhi wakes up and sees her hairs on his face. He moves her hairs and smiles. Meera wakes up and finds herself sleeping on his back. She gets up and makes him sleep like a baby. He smiles in sleep. Chori chori chupke chupke plays……She smiles and goes. Abhi opens his eyes and smiles.

Abhi and Meera look at each other shyly and smiles.

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