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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat watch online

Scene1:The episode starts with ashoka standing in balcony. He is thinking that he has done something inappropriate. Kaurvaki comes there and he shares his thoughts with her. Kaurvaki says that he did nothing wrong.
Scene2: Sushim is lying in bed. Charumitra is sitting beside him. She says that there hasn’t been peace in the palace since ashoka and that dharma came.
Scene3: Drupad is addressing some servants to arrange some things for ashoka’s bath. Subrasi is also there. Dharma brings ashoka there and makes him sit on a stool. She does his tilak and stops while smiling. Ashoka questions her why did she stop. Subrasi says that today is a special day for all of us. And you won’t understand a mothers emotions, so let her enjoy each and very moment.
After that, dharma and subrasi apply a lep(haldi) on ashoka. Drupad smiles seeing aashoka being pampered so much. Some of the haldi goes in ashoka’s eyes..he says that it’s burning. Please give me cold water. Drupad says that he forgot to arrange for cold water and has arranged only hot water. Dharma, subrasi and Drupad go to bring cold water.
Ashoka screams that it’s burning very much. At that time kaurvaki is passing by. She hears his scream and enters there..and smiles seeing ashoka. Ashoka mistakes kaurvaki for dharma. He says, “ma,please pour water on me.” Kaurvaki sees a vessel of milk and pours it on ashoka while smiling. Meanwhile dharma, subrasi and Drupad also come. They smile seeing kaurvaki and ashoka. Drupad is going to say something but dharma stops him. Suddenly kaurvaki realises their presence and the vessel falls from her hands. Ashoka jumps up..and says “You? What are you doing her?” Kaurvaki shys and says, “Nothing..I will go.” Subrasi says, “stop. Where are you going? Still ashoka hasnrt completed his bath.” ? kaurvaki shys and says her father is calling her..and goes from there.
Scene4: Dharma is making ashoka ready for his coronation as yuvraj. She makes him wear jewellery.
Scene shifts to ashoka making his way toward the ‘sabha.’ DRUMS are playing in background.
Sushim screams and acts as if the sound’s making him go mad and tells charumitra to stop it.
Ashoka arrives in the ‘sabha. The brahmin does his tilak and asks samrat to come. Bindu comes there and slaps ashoka. He says, “I slapped you so that you would remember that you are an ordinary that you always remember your goal..and fulfill your duty. Now onwards whatever decision you make, you have to make it carefully.” He then puts the crown on ashoka’s head. Helena, siamak fume in the background. Radhagupt looks on proudly. Everyone chants for ashoka. Ashoka sits on the throne.

Precap: Ashoka is going through the corridor. Sushim comes and throws vases at him. Ashoka asks what he is doing. Sushim says” that only which I should’ve done long ago. Sushim badmouths to ashoka. They both fight. Ashoka looks down the balcony. Charumitra comes and complaints something to Bindu.

That’s the best I could do guys. Hope you all understood.

Written Update By Clara


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