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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1

Bindu comes in court with his family, Helena ask Khurasan how that statue came there? where is AShok? Khurasan says i have talked to Ashok, i am sure Dharma will contact Ashok before meeting Bindu, Ashok will tell me then it will be end for Dharma and her son, Helena says mistake should not happen this time, she leaves, Ashok comes there, Khurasan ask did you get message of Dharma? Ashok says no but i think that when celebration will start, then they will come here, you keep eye on me from far, Khurasan says once i find her and her son then.. Ashok ask then? Khurasan says i will take them to Bindu, they are betrayers. Bindu says to his family that this is great day for me, its my time to announce something, to surprise you all, he says all parents face time when their kids grow up, my family have seen difficult times but i want to announce something after which things will change, a new addition is going to happen in our family, she will be daughter in law of our family, i am giving suggestion to make Ahenkara marry Sushim, Ahenkara is shocked to listening this, Bindu says Niharika i hope you agree to this? she gives fake smile, Bindu ask arent you people not happy? Helena says why this decision so sudden? Bindu says i have thought about it as it was about future of my son, i asked Chanakya too and he gave permission, Charu ask where is he? Bindu says Chanakya is on some important mission, he will return soon, Bindu ask Niharika do you agree to this relation? Niharika says its sudden proposal but this day is special and no one is more good than Sushim for Ahenkara, thanks for this proposal, Charu agrees for it, Charu congratulate Sushim and Niharika, Sushim smirk, Ahenkara is tensed, AShok sees all this and leaves, Khurasan goes behind him.

Scene 2

Ashok is welcoming people in palace, Khurasan is keeping eye on Ashok, his soldier says only one gate of palace is open, Khurasan says if Dharma or her son comes in palace then they will contact Ashok, i will catch them right there.

Bindu start lunch with his family, Dharma sees him from far, Bindu eats a dish and recalls how Dharma used to make it, Dharma smiles seeing him and says atleast i saw him today and could do something for him.

AShok drops a letter from his pocket, Khurasan takes it and reads that its Dharma’s letter, it is written that she and her son will meet Bindu and will tell him what happened 15 years back, Khurasan ask where are they? Ashok says i dont know, Khurasan says this letter was in your pocket, what you are hiding, Ashok says you dont trust me, let me go to Bindu, he will trust me, Khurasan says i didnt mean it, only you have seen Dharma’s son so how couldnt you recognize him, Ashok says you were keeping eye on me then why didnt you see who was putting letter in my pocket, if they can fool army head then i am just a kid, they are very clever, they will come out in open, be calm, Khurasan thinks dont know where Dharma’s son left, Ashok thinks that if i have to end Khurasan’s chapter then i have to take risk once so now i will make sure that Khurasan sees my son but cant reach to her.

Bindu leaves soon after lunch, she thinks that he nonetheless like that dish alot, Ashok arrives there and suggests he likes your gift, dharma is bewildered, he says i necessarily mean you aided Subhrasi for making reward and Bindu favored it, Dharma states what regarding your gift? Ashok suggests its in very last stage, I’ll present him soon, Dharma states if you acquire some obligation then satisfy it, when destination is infront then warrior by no means glance again, you’ve got t work hard and i know you can realize what you need and Bindu will like it, I understand my son, if he goes away from way to get some thing then he will get it, Ashok can take her blessing, she ask did you consume a thing? he suggests soon after celebration conclude, arrive at area on roof, we may have lunch collectively as relatives right now, Ashok wipes his tear and leaves.

Scene 3

Helena relates to Khurasan and claims you couldnt even see who set letter in Ashok’s pocket, this suggest either your eyes aren’t Performing fantastic or Ashok is generating you fool, Khurasan says Ashok is just kid, he cant fool me, he understands who i am, He’s telling me everything, you were being thinking that chanakya is helping Ashok but Chanakya just isn’t even in Patliputra, Helena claims Alright lets belief AShok, Dharma have prepared that she’s going to satisfy Bindu is evening but she will be able to satisfy at any time, Khurasan sys i will maintain eye on Ashok.

Radha check with Ashok is present Completely ready? Ashok claims Certainly but i am worried about it, Radha states its safety is in the arms, in the event you observe all guidance then nothing at all will materialize, Ashok nods and leaves. Khurasan concerns Ashok and ask what you ended up speaking to Radha? Ashok says why you dont have faith in me? Khurasan says cant even i inquire you, Ashok says I used to be telling my mystery to Radha, Khurasan request what? Ashok states Chanakya is out of city so he gave me obligation to offer his gift to Bindu so I’m planning for it, Khurasan claims you could enjoy celebrations but dont ignore our perform, Ashok claims you’ll be able to forget Dharma although not me, he leaves.

In courtroom, all chant for Bindu, Bindu will come there along with his household, he sit on his throne. Ashok is available in courtroom and suggests on Bindu’s birthday, i am gonna explain to Tale drama, i hope all will have the ability their life to this Dharma.

Khurasan have sword fight with Ashok, Ashok hits him, Khurasan falls in Bindu’s feet, Ashok comes there, Bindu looks on confused, dharma says to Bindu that this is your son Ashok.

Written Update By Sahir


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