Brahmarakshas 1st October 2016 Written Update

Brahmarakshas 1st October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Brahmarakshas 1st October 2016 Written Update

the show opens up phooli explaining everything regarding b..showing rishab that thier bedroom..raina was also wid him.. and phholi was telling br is formed from whoever be the enemies of gorilla vl b his enemies..wateve gorilla also likes for eg: banana.. and rishab asking how can we kill him.. n phooli telling ter are ways such as bali.. and then immediately raina tells we vl give bali… phooli was telling..if somebodys birth is already written..there vl surely be ways to its death too… during all these convo appu was hiding behind their bedroom door listening..and her only motive was to get the between she jst wnt near stairs and at tht time all other srivastav’s were busy putting a mat fixed wid nails to prevant br to enter n at tht time ajay who was away from kamalpura comes bak to see raina ,since he heard tht suresh is sick… all welcomed him.. appu come bak to bedroom and tells rains tht ajay came bak and everbody leaves putting the book in room..appu thn came bak to take the book bt phooli enters there unfortunately tht appu couldnt get the book..and phholi eve ask did appu come bak to get the book..appu tries to manipulate phooli to help her to kill phooli assures tht she vl only help rishna n family members and not u..coz u already killed him once..thn y shud u kill agin..telling ths she took book away..
downstais everbody was sitting n talking and was eating fruits..and ajy ask for banana which made rishab to dbt ajay being br…and from ter onwards his only motive was to observe ajay and confirm him to b br..(skipping tht part,he evn convincde raina and send her to check ajay)

rishab somehow wants to kill br and was abt to read br dnt want to read along wid raina due to small fight..suddenly house trmbles and both lost balce and book fall from their hands and reach outside..appu thn tries to took it.. bt couldnt..temble was tht br took the entire house in his hands!!! (irrelevant here -skipping) any way appu couldnt get it..

later shown tht rishab discussing wid appu killing br and appu telling i dnt knw a way..and for tht rishab gave her the appu super happy made rishab promised tht he shud not tell enybody regarding the fact tht book is wid her.. bt later wen raina asks rishab told tht its wid appu..

and from book appu get an idea to kill br by giving bali of a virgin bride.. and she chose raina for tht..and convinced rishab tht the both vl kill br.. bt raina shud not b ter in ths plan coz she being ziddi… rishab belives ths and agrees.. appu again tell a plan to knw whether ajay br or not…and rishab vl tell he vl do as per appus plan.. now appu want raina to b unconsious to take her to putting something in juice,,,bt wont work…bt she asuures herself tht she vl giv bali of raina..episode ends

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