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Bin Kuch Kahe 28th July 2017 Written Update

UpdateMyra takes Abha to a restaurant. Abha says it is a nice place. Kabeer with Sandy is already present there and says what a coincidence. Myra says she thought he was going on a date with some girl. Kabeer says Sandy wanted to shop, so they came here before. Myra says even Abha wants to shop. Kabeer asks Sandy to sit while he makes a call and leaves. Myra asks Abha to order food while she goes to washroom. Sandy and Abha sit and silently look at menu. He says he will order hybrid menu, idli with lots of sarson ka saag. She says what..He orders sandwich and coffee. She asks if he had tried idli withsarson ka saag. He says no. Kabeer and Myra travel in an auto and hope Abha agrees to marry Sandy. Kabeer says he does not have much time here and has to return as his father called some

time ago. He says he knows she does not care if he stays here or not. Myra thinks if he really will go.

Abha and Sandy return to their restaurant. Abha tries to leave. Sandy stops her and asks to sit. He asks when Aryan and whole family has accepted him, why she is rejecting him. She says she cannot. He insists to tell the reason. She says she is not yet divorced and is just staying away from her husband. He says problems can be solved if she really wants to. She walks out distressed.

Kabeer and Myra return home and ask Sudha and Mandy if Abha returned. Sudha says Abha returned and is crying in her room. Kabeer says he will call Sandy and find out what happened. Mandy says Sandy already called told that Abha talked about divorce not yet being finalized and went away distressed. Myra says she will speak to Abha. Kabeer says he will speak to her as a friend as sometime one may not open up in front of family. Myra looks at Sudha and Sudha nods yes.

Kabeer goes to Abha’s room with a glass of water. She thanks him. He asks her to tell what she is going through. Abha says she married Jitesh against her parents’ wish. In the beginning everything was fine, but then Jitesh started ignoring her, she thought it would be fine once a child is born, he hated Aryan so much and was irritated on him. She left his house 8 years ago and not yet divorced him. Kabeer consoles her and asks if she does not trust Sandy. She says a lot and Sandy gets along well with him. He asks her not to worry, he and Sandy will solve the issue. He goes out. Myra asks what did Abha say. He scolds her if she could not see Abha’s pain and take her to a lawyer, how can she be so careless. Mrya shouts to mind his language. He says forget it, he will solve Abha’s problem alone. She tries to leave. He holds her hand and says he loves her a lot and she should take decision soon. She says he comes to same decision repeatedly. He says it is a question of their life. She leaves.

Sandy shows Abha’s photo to his mother and asks how is she. Rukku says she is like her mother. Sandy says means like her friend. Kabeer calls him and asks what else Abha told. He tells his friend forwarded lawyer’s number and he has to meet lawyer tomorrow with Abha’s marriage related documents and asks Kabeer to bring them. Kabeer thinks he will sort out Abha’s issues at any cost.

Precap: Kabeer says Kohli family that he did not think he would inform someone about divorce. Myra asks it happened so easily. Kabeer says Abha’s husband did not contact her since 8 years, that is a good reason to seek divorce. Myra says now problem is solved and marriage is on the way.

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