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Bhaghyalakshmi 5th October 2015 Written Update

Pavitra orders Latha and Suman to wipe floor. Suman says her sari will get dirty. Pavitra shouts that she is her servant and should obey her. Latha and Suman wipe floor. Pavitra asks to wipe her sandal also. Latha is about to wipe her sandal when Bhoomi stops her and asks Pavitra how dare she is to trouble her family. Pavitra says they are her servant and it is their way to pay her debt. Latha requests her not to interfere. Bhoomi says she will work. She bends down and Pavitra gets afraid. Bhoomi says she will not harm her. She then takes Latha and Suman from there and says this house is hers and she will kick Pavitra out soon, till then they should rest.

Ansh sees Bhoomi’s mobile and thinks of extract number of a person whom Bhoomi spoke last night. He goes near mobile to pick it when Bhoomi enters. He gets alert and starts combing his hair.

Varun enters Pavitra’s car and asks her why did she call him so urgently. She says lawyer is telling if they prove imposter is fake bhoomi, she will have to take back case against badi maa/Vasundhara. She can prove that Bhoomi did not use to take antidepressant and needs 2-3 more proofs. Varun says today is his birthday and Bhoomi every year performs his aarti and then pooja for his longer life, if imposter does not, then they can easily prove it.

Surbhi looks her and Varun’s selfie in her mobile and reminisces Varun celebrating her birthday and their romantic moments and gets emotional.

Ansh sees Bhoomi cooking in kitchen keeping her mobile on table and silently extends his hand to pick it but stops when Bhoomi turns hearing Surbhi shouting at servant to bring lemon juice instead of tea. Bhoomi comes out of room and asks Surbhi what happened. Surbhi yells at servant and leaves. Servant says he was taking tea for Latha and Surbhi started yelling. Bhoomi says she will give Latha tea and asks him to give lemon juice to Surbhi.

Ansh picks Bhoomi’s mobile and thinks what should be its password. Bhoomi comes and suggests its password and says she knows he still will not have confidence in her, but she is going to wait for him. He silently leaves.

Varun seems to be at twelve o’clock in wall clock sadly tells Pavitra that faux Bhoomi will never appear. Pavitra wishes his joyful birthday and many thanks him for supplying her greatest reward. Just then, Bhoomi knocks door.

Precap: Bhoomi tries to slap Pavitra, but Varun holds her hand and asks her dare not to touch his wife and states she’s not relevant to any one below, neither his sister nor Ansh’s spouse.

Written Update By Sahir


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