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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th November 2017 Written Update

Anguri is talking on phone that everything is going very good even Anita is also doing good campaigning, Tiwari comes and sit beside her. Anguri hungs up the phone and Tiwari asks her who was it she then tells that it was her friend and gave her good wishes. Tiwari then says the he really wishes her that she wins he sees in the window and Happu Singh is in window with mobile phone is in hand he is recording Anguri and Tiwari. Tiwari says that he will help her improve her general knowledge as she is weak in it. He then starts asking her puzzle 1 st question is who will be your father in law wife son? Anguri can’t answer and he then says that it will be him. 2 no question was if 1 cloth dries in 1 hour then 10 clothes will dry in how much hour? Anguri replies that they will dry in
10 hrs but then Tiwari says that wrong answer the clothes are drying at same time so it will dry in 1 hour. Tiwari says to Anguri that she needs to practice a lot as she is too dumb. Happu Singh records all and leaves.

Tilu Tika and malkhan are sleeping together and discussing about the elections Tika asks what will happen in the elections? Tilu says that this time we won’t take money to vote any party and play smart we will ask each of them what will they get after voting them will they get a job? Malkhan the says it’s true as Anita bhabhi has that secretary Tiwari and Anguri has that Vibhuti Both are useless.

Tapesh Kumar is the tv reporter for the Kanpur news show he welcomes all on the show and introduces the guest first is Model colony master bhut Singh and second is baba parmanand, he then tells that he has two videos to show which are shocking for the current elections. Anguri, tiwarinand Amaji are sitting and watching this news on tv. Anita and Vibhuti are watching tv at their home too. Reporter shows first video and it’s Anguri with Tiwari where he was asking her puzzles, the tv channel shows the entire video seeing this video Anita laughs at it and says this shows how much dumb Anguri s and who will vote her Vibhuti gets angry and curses Tiwari for this nad in his mind says that now they all should wait and watch then next video. Amaji gets angry seeing this video and hits Tiwari for all this nonsense. The reporter then announces that he will show next video and Anita is wondering who is next or they are showing some more videos of Anguri and she is shocked to see it was her video where it is seen that she is torturing Vibhuti and asking him to do lot of work even though he doesn’t want to do it. Anita asks him y did he do this and Vibhuti says that he didn’t do anything the media can be anywhere and see what they did they didn’t leave our personal life too. Anita still angry on him that how did this video was shown on tv. Tiwari is also shocked to see Anita’s video and says that this is false Anita bhabhi will never do this and then says in his mind that they need to think some other plan but Amaji is too angry in Tiwari so starts hitting him. Anita is angry too and asks Vibhuti to get up and leave as once she will win the elections he will truly have to do all that he did in video, Vibhuti then spits his paan in his bag Anita gets irritated and she leaves the room.

Tapesh Kumar takes a break on his show and is back and now he is asking the guest to give their review on these videos he then asks master Bhuti Singh to says something Bhuti Singh says that he thinks but then Tapesh stops him and says that there is some breaking news first to tell in Kidwai nagar dog gave birth to 9 kids nobody knows who is the father and from where that dog is ? Second news is that Gulfamkali will Marry a foreigner she has made this announcement. These news were
Sponsored by Pami nail polish and jatayu oil. Master again continues to tell his review but the. Tapesh stops him and asks padmanand baba to give his review, baba then tells that this video show how bad it is and all should use this paramanand churna fro thienbad stomach an dtaoesh then ends the tv show thanking all the audience. Master gets angry and tells Tapesh he has no manners.

Tika and malkhna are watching a dance video on their mobile phone at tea stall Tilu comes from behind and starts watching it too malkhan tells that it’s Gulfamkali dancing so nicely. Prema no Vibhuti come on moped and stop at the tea stall. Both enquiry boys how are they doing. Malkhan then says that they are not doing well as they have no work to do and from long time they haven’t even enjoyed any Gulfamkali Kali dance. Prem then whispers in vibhutis ears that he should take advantage of this and make these boys vote for Anguri and win election Vibhuti then tells the boys that he can arrange for their fun and enjoyment but then they have to vote for Anguri in elections and also convince the people in their area to do the same and Tilu Tika Malakhan agrees to it. Tiwari and Happu Singh are seeing all this Tiwari says to Happu Singh that he has a super plan to flop all the strategies of vibhutis party he then tells the plan in Happu Singhs ears.

Precap: Anguri denies food to Tiwari and asks him to go to Anita’s house and have food as he does not belongs to her party. Anita also asks Vibhuti to leave the room as he is from opposition party and she has a lot of work to do, Vibhuti says that it’s running their relationship and Anita says that in work it’s doesn’t matter now, Vibhuti leaves room and is in the terrace upset and singing songs.

Written Update by Tanaya

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