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Beyhadh 31st July 2017 Written Update

Saanjh tells Arjun let us escape before police comes. Police surrounds hospital and inspector Ranveer over mic asks Arjun to surrender and dare not try to escape. Arjun says they can escape between patients. Ranveer says he has cleared all patients and now only he and Saanjh are in hospital, he cannot escape. Arjun says Saanjh, they should run away. Saanjh says if they try, police will shoot them. Arjun says if he is caught, he will be hanged, he cannot spare Maya easily, so they have to run away.

Samay drives car with Maya and says Arjun cannot escape now as he informed police already. Mays smiles and says Arjun will escape, he is not mean to stay in jail. He says he likes her smile. She says she wants Arjun escape, he will come back to her at any cost to kill her, she is waiting to see his

face. He angrily drives car rashly. She shouts what is he doing. He stops car and gets her out of it and asks what should he do to get her back, should he kill Arjun and Saanjh. She says Arjun’s hatred for her will bring him near her.

Shubh informs Suman that Saanjh has become famous and her news is coming on TV. Suman switches on TV and sees reporter telling Saanjh helped Arjun again and she and Arjun are surrounded by police in a mental asylum. Suman gets worried for Saanjh and calls her number unsuccessfully.

Ranveer enters hospital with his team and searches Arjun and Saanjh. Arjun takes Saanjh to washroom. Saanjh shouts if he brought her here to pee, could not he pee himself. He says she is a duffer, they can escape from sewage. He breaks commode and escapes via sewage line. Ranveer meets doctor and asks where is Arjun. Doctor says room #101 and takes him there. Ranveer does not find Arjun and Saanjh. Constable shows hole in bathroom. Ranveer asks where this sewage line opens. Doctor says outside building. Arjun with Saanjh gets out of sewage line and punctures police vehicles escape one jeep. He escapes in jeep. Ranveer sees tha and asks constable to start jeep. Constable says all vehicles are punctured. Ranveer angrily shoots in air.

Maya sitting on swinger tells Samay that they say ones prayers are heard once in day. Samay says he always asks for her. She says Arjun hates her so much that he will come to kill her, nobody can kill Arjun except her. Her love will bring Arjun to her and she cannot move on until he is dead.

Arjun drives jeep and asks Saanjh to call Shubh and ask him to trace Saanjh’s location via her mobile number. Saanjh says if he has gone mad, Shubh is a kid and cannot even search his underwear. Arjun says he has grown up and is studying computer engineering. She calls Suman and asks to give phone to Shubh. She then asks Shubh to open his laptop and trace Maya’s location. He traces it to a remote village in Maharastra border and says she must be around 5 km radius of that village. She informs Arjun and they head towards village.

Maya and Samay stop at a tea shop. Samay says he loves her so much, but difficult to get her until Arjun is caught. She says Arjun will not be caught as she trusts his anger. She asks shop owner to switch on TV and sees news reporter informing that Arjun escaped again with Saanjh. Samay laughs in his usual style and says Arjun escaped. Maya thinks Arjun stould meet her soon. Samay says now he will get Maya. Maya says love needs sacrifice and Saanj and Rajeev will sacrifice their life for her and Arjun’s love.

Precap: Arjun and Saanjh show Maya’s photo to people in market and asks if they saw her somewhere. They all say no. He clashes with Maya and she falls down. He identities her.

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