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Begusarai 11th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Lakhan starts blowing air on Poonam’s burnt palms, she is wincing in agony, Lakhan is likewise pained to determine her such as this, he delivers product and applies on her arms, Poonam is crying in soreness, Lakhan appears to be at her, Pas aye phir bhi dour hum rhy.. ishq sacha wohi jisko milti nai mazilain… Humari Adhuri Kahani.. performs, Lakhan very carefully heals her wounds, she appears to be at him, both of those share eyelock, Poonam scream, he talk to what happened? did i contact your wound? she states no, Bindya is seeking all this from much, she thinks as much as i consider to provide her ache, she receives A lot more like, its looks like God has created all really like in her destiny, and my destiny.. she goes to her home, Priyom is attempting to vary his shirt and is also on get in touch with, he discusses about situation of Phulan, Bindya is available in and claims i will help you, she pulls his shirt up, he seems to be at her and leaves, Bindya sadly appears to be like on.

lakhan is blowing air on Poonam’s wound, she is looking at him in tears, he glances at her, Rekha arrives there with milk glass and talk to did you utilize product? its very good you probably did it, i have brought breakfast, Poonam hasn’t eaten way too, Lakhan talk to her to put it on table, she places it there and stares Poonam angrily, Lakhan ask will you make us consume too? Rekha states no i am leaving, REkha thinks because of this Poonam, my son is often angry.
Bindya states one particular facet is Poonam, who gets all the adore and my pretend partner doesnt even take a look at me, all are caring for Poonam a great deal of, Imagine if my fingers get damage also? she provides pocket knife and it is going to Slash her pulse but cant, she throws away her pocket knife and screams, Priyom question from washroom what happened? she claims i fell down, Priyom states i am coming, she sit back starts off screaming, Priyom will come and talk to how did you fell? she says slipped, my back is aching, Priyom question her to give her hand, she says no i will get up, she acts like she cant stand up, Priyom assists her and tends to make her sit on bed, he provides balm and ask her to use it on her back again, she usually takes it and claims how can i implement it myself? Priyom says I’ll send out someone, Bindya suggests no I’ll apply it, she attempts to apply it but acts if its hurting her, Priyom sees this and suggests give it to me, I’ll apply it, she gives it to him, Bindya lies on mattress, Priyom appears otherside and applies it on her back, Bindya smiles, Soni comes there and calls him, Bindya gets up and claims i wanna say a thing, Priyom claims Of course, she says Chachi.. Bindya states you shouldn’t can be found in everyone’s place similar to this, He’ll come to you, Soni leaves, Bindya suggests Young ones roam in entire house, she inquire him to apply balm, he states i have applied plenty of, you seem to be okay now, he leaves, Bindya suggests even Youngsters of the dwelling are against me.

Scene two
lakhan starts to depart but Poonam stops him and suggests your hand is burnt far too, what is going to you utilize? Lakhan states It’ll be fantastic, Poonam states how it is going to mend on his have? come and sit below, he appears to be at her, she suggests I’m inquiring you to take a seat listed here Lakhan Thakur, Lakhan comes and sit beside her, she question him to look at her, he appears at her, she question to present hand, he provides it, Poonam rubs her hand on his hand and cream is transferred to his hand, it pains Poonam, Lakhan hold investigating her, he usually takes his hand back and states i will provide breakfast, he delivers breakfast and offers her biscuit, he ask her to open up mouth, she doesnt, and says no, he question what transpired now? do you think you’re fasting? she says cant try to eat it, Badi Amma, Choti Amma, Young children all are hungry in home, if they may have not eaten then how can i take in, That is my obligation, I’m daughter in regulation of the property, Lakhan states you are wife of somebody far too, you dont agree to your spouse whenever, I’m telling because morning that We now have no link from this loved ones, if you had understood this You then wouldnt be declaring this daughter in law factor, i am fooling myself to let you know All of this, you have become like this relatives, he request her to try to eat, she suggests no, he throws absent biscuit and says do what you need, dont try to eat and die, he angrily leaves.
Poonam is available in lounge, Badi Amma check with how are you currently? she states Lakhan have applied product, its not itching now, Maya suggests i have introduced haldi, i will implement it in your wounds, Poonam states no Lakhan have applied product, Rekha arrives and talk to Maya did you make lunch? Maya claims i am heading, I used to be asking Poonam about her wounds, Rekha says you should worry about your wounds as Bindya is hungry and she will get indignant, Bindya comes there, Rekha says to Bindya which i was telling Maya that Bindya is hungry, she check with Maya to visit kitchen and make lunch, Lakhan will come there and claims if you are in this sort of hurry then go and ensure it is by yourself, all have a look at Lakhan, Lakhan concerns Rekha and stares her, he claims to Rekha did you neglect how to generate lunch? Rekha claims you joke alot Lakhan, how can i ignore to generate lunch? Lakhan suggests so go and make foods, Rekha suggests me? he claims you for the reason that Maya and Poonam Cook dinner food items each day for everyone, in case you help it become one day then what will materialize? cant you see Poonam’s palms are burnt, Rekha states Certainly but how can i make meals by itself for complete loved ones, Lakhan states why by itself, we have Bindya bhabhi, she can help you in kitchen area, Bindya angrily seems to be at him, Lakhan talk to Bindy will you help my mother in kitchen? Bindya suggests but me.. Lakhans claims Why don’t you, you might be daughter in legislation of this dwelling as well, we should see how superior you are in cooking, Priyom will come there far too, he smirks listening this, Bindya angrily appears to be like at Rekha, Rekha murmurs to her that my son remains offended, dont mess with him, Lakhan question them to go and gossip in kitchen, Bindya provides him lethal search and leaves, Poonam is looking at Lakhan with very pleased, she smiles at him as he seems at her.

PRECAP- Bindya says to herself that if this family gets united again then it will be problem for me, i have to do something if i want to keep my position intact. All are sitting at dining table, Lakhan feeds Poonam lunch with his hands, she smiles at him.

Written Update By Sahir


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