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With all the negativity around Hina, Rocky comes out in her support.
Colors’ reality show Bigg Boss Season 11 makes it to the headline every other day, owing to all the controversies and happenings inside the house. While Hina Khan, Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan and Vikas Gupta are few of the most talked about contestants this season, Hina is among those who have received severe backlash.

Amidst all of this, best friend Rocky Jaiswal came out in her support, and here are 10 statements that he made in her defense.

#1. On all the backlash on social media from TV actors:

In response to Karan Patel’s tweet, he said –

It is very obvious that whatever he is doing is because everyone knows – he is supporting Vikas Gupta. In fact, I think he started very late, and I thought they’d start off early. But, what I did not expect is that in the wake of supporting Vikas, he would go personal with someone and make a mockery of their show. If he, as a celebrity is accusing Hina of not knowing how to behave, he himself should know the same and be careful of the words he chooses.

In the response to a tweet by Kishwer Merchantt –

Do you remember the time when this very same person who had such enmity with someone from outside of the house had a change of heart after the week Salman told Vikas that ‘ab ati ho raha hai’, (its getting over the top now) you did not feel that ‘yes my friend is doing something wrong?’ Here, the question is not about eggs, but about morales. If you want to say no to someone for breakfast, you can say it on the face.

#2. On all the negativity around Hina, and her decision of taking up Bigg Boss:


First of all, I think more than the negativity in the house, people are making a buzz about ‘oh my god, there is so much negativity in the house’. Hina has always been a big name, and this show is just a phase in her career. It is not the definition of her career. So, whatever happens in the show, it has its own life and its own tenure. On the general consensus, there is a lot of negativity but people are supporting her and the proof is that weeks after being nominated, she still is in the show and is always getting saved with a majority of votes.
#3. On Hina being subjected to racist comments in the show and no one taking a stand:
I think Hina never made an issue out of it, she made her point, put it across to Salman Khan and got over with it. There are a lot of things happening in the house, and everything needs its due attention. She never asked why did you guys not talk about me, had she done that, then it would have been wrong.
During the Priyank Sharma incident, his body shaming comments were a stand alone thing that happened that week and so Salman picked this incident up after which it was stretched as well.
#4. On Hina’s increasing closeness with Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma:
I don’t feel insecure about anything. Why will I have an issue with their friendship. For that matter, Luv, Priyank, or Vikas, they all can be friends. Insecurity is for those people who don’t have an assurance, but that’s not my case.
#5. On Benafsha’s statement to slap Hina once she is out of the Bigg Boss house:
I want to say two things to her, one, that she is a smart girl and Hina supported her when she was inside the house and made it a point that nothing was spoken about her behind her back. If she has seen everything, she has said things more than Hina did inside the house. Two, if Benafsha feels like slapping Hina, there is nothing that I can say about it, but I am not sure if she will want to be friends with her once she is out of the house and that she is losing out on friends here.

#6. On the effect of Hina’s behaviour upon the viewers’ decision and her inappropriate game of saving Luv:

See, this is a very hypothetical question. Salman’s reaction here was very spontaneous, and Hina never said that the show is about her. All she did was raise a question about why is she being asked to take a stand when things are being said about anyone in the house.
Hina is not overconfident, she does not have a filter to things that she says. All she is trying here is to save her friends because she gave preference to friendship and not out of over-confidence. Where Akash Dadlani was used by her so called friends, but she made sure she does not resort to something like this. And, here it is about to each its own, and I think if given a chance, Hina would rather save Luv yet again and get herself nominated. I think that human feeling that someone has, that is more important and if someone has an equation with someone, then that comes before the game.
#7. On places where Hina went wrong in the show
I think in this house it is more about reactions than actions. How good you are in terms of putting across your reactions is the bottom line. Hina was not correct at certain times, some things came out of her mouth which weren’t right and shouldn’t have happened, which I am sure she will also feel bad about it once she is out of the house and she understands. But, if what Hina has done is compared to what others have said, there indeed is no comparison.
#8. On Hina assuming that she is always right
See, Hina is someone who is a born leader and her instincts are such that she has a tendency to think that she is made to lead. So if Hina has a point and until someone doesn’t give her the logic behind why is she wrong, she is going to stick to what she said. And, a leader is someone who will not deter from her point unless she is given a logical conclusion to it.
#9. On changing equations in the Bigg Boss house and her spat with Vikas Gupta
I think there are high chances that Hina and Vikas might go back to being friends and I also think that on the inside they know that though they have contradictory point of views, but they are both strong personalities. Vikas is a very smart player and that is something I will always abide by because he plays the game keeping in mind the end game.
#10. On how far does he think will Hina go in the show, and if she could be the possible winner.
As far as I have seen, Hina is one of the strongest contestants and will go very far in the show. If she wins the show, she will be a deserving winner. Bigg Boss is a show where contradiction is where the content lies. While some people try to play dirty, there are others who understand the game, and I think Hina is one of the few who is trying to play her game straight without making any personal comments, abusing, or talking about the career. Hina and Vikas are two people I think who are playing it right.
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  1. Hina is my fevrouite contestant she plays very well and vikas arshi are also my fev but somtime both are supporting shilpa”@s team somtime hina”s team
    otherwise thy are good

    Hina i love you my friend god bless you

    • Hina is the worst contestant in the whole house. she makes drama and crying all the time to get attention from the public but she doesn’t know that how stupid and arrogant she is.

  2. Hina is the worst contestant in the whole house. she makes drama and crying all the time to get attention from the public but she doesn’t know that how stupid and arrogant she is.


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