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Balika Vadhu 1st April 2016 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Nimboli getting attacks. Anandi asks what happened to her. Nurse goes to call Ganga. Duty doctor comes to Ganga and tells her that a patient’s condition have worsen after taking medicine. Nurse comes to Ganga and informs her that Nimboli is having attacks. Ganga rushes to her and gives her injection. Nimboli gets fine. Anandi says what happened to her? Ganga says may be she is allergic to multi vitamins. Jagya comes there and asks Ganga why Patients and their relatives are getting ill. One of the patient notices glucose bottle saline to be administered to a patient, and says he is veterinary doctor, and asks her to call Doctor. Nimboli asks Jagya why you are shouting at Ganga. Jagya says I am not shouting on her. Jagya says Dr. Anant will come and check you. Jagya gets a call and is shocked. He goes from there. Dadisaa comes there. Jagya goes to meet doctors. Doctor tells him that patients and their relatives are falling ill. Jagya says may be there is a virus or may be some gas leaking in lab. Ganga says everyone is fine except the patient and their family. Veterinary doctor comes there and tells Jagya that patients are administered animal saline. Jagya is shocked and asks Ganga to attend his patient personally. Other Patient asks what about his wife, and accuses Jagya.

Jagya asks them to give some time and says we will do an enquiry. He asks Doctors to check the patients and also storeroom for the saline bottles. Nurse comes and informs Jagya that food Inspector came there. Food Inspector shows his visiting card and says he will raid the hospital. Ganga says you can’t raid. Food Inspector says he is an govt employee and they can’t stop them. He shows the papers. Jagya says let them enquire, there is nothing in our hospital to hide. Media persons say that they want to cover the raid. They raid the hospital. Nimboli asks why everyone is shouting? Is someone fighting? Dadisaa says no, and says Ganga, Jagya and Anandi will manage. Jagya asks them to calm down and assures that everything will be fine. Anandi says we are running this hospital from many years. Ganga says truth will come out soon. Food Inspector comes out and shows expired medicines, injections and salines used for animals. Jagya is shocked.

Food Inspector shows the vegetables with pesticides. Ganga asks how can this happen? Food inspector says they got the samples from their hospital only and says they will make a report and send report to Govt. Jagya assures that he and his hospital employees will help them. The patients relatives get hysterical and start breaking hospital stuff/property. Police tries to control the people. Ganga tells that they have started the hospital for poor people at affordable price, and to give the best services. Jagya also gives the interview. Ganga asks them to talk to Purchase manager. The ward boys who are guilty looks on.

Food Inspector talks to Purchase Manager Somesh Gupta. He asks if you will tell that everything is fine? Somesh says yes. Food Inspector says it is your responsibility to check quality of the purchased things. Somesh says he is just an employee. Food Inspector asks him to get ready to pay the price of his honesty. He asks him to tell the full truth and offers help. Somesh says I will tell everything truth and says I did purchased everything on Dr. Jagdish’s order. Ganga tells Jagya takes care of all patient needs. Somesh sheds tears and says I called you people here as I couldn’t see patient’s sufferings. Food Inspector calls someone and says case is solved. Fodo Inspector tells Jagya that Somesh Gupta have confessed that you had given him orders to buy fake medicines. Jagya is shocked and asks why you are doing this? Somesh says you mean, I am lying…you have forced me to do this work and now accusing me. Jagya tells Somesh that he will find out the truth and will punish him.

The crowd gathers outside haveli and gets angry at Jagya. Jagya asks them to let the truth comes out. One of the person throws stone on Jagya’s head. Dadisaa scolds the people and asks them to hit her. Anandi and Nimboli come to the hospital and see Mangla running from there.

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