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Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 28th July 2017 Written Update

Tejaswini speaks to Mamaji over phone and asks him to send pickle bottle via Preeti soon. Preeti takes phone and says she is excited to study in her college and asks to show her college. Tejaswini asks her to reach soon then. She tells Urmi that she has to arrange money somehow or Preeti’s studies. They both walk. Prem stops Tejaswini. She tries to move aside, but she stops her again. Tejaswini thinks she should calm down and not fight. Prem addresses college students that he has decided to throw a dance competition during janmastami function, they all should start preparations He tells Tejaswini that she must be planned something about the event, she should not as this event is important to him as his pappa’s name is related to it. Arjun asks Prem that he and Tejaswini

are organizing event together, so Tejaswini’s opinion also matters. Prem says he did not seek his opinion and asks Tejaswini if she has any problem. Tejaswini says no, she agrees to his idea. She thinks she cannot give much stress to him. Ajju and Vinay think when did Tejaswini become mother Theresa. Arjun apologizes Tejaswini on Prem’s behalf. Tejaswini says it is okay. A student informs that they found sponsor for dance competition and winner will get 50,000 rs reward. Tejaswini asks if anyone can participate. He says yes, sponsor wants couple dance at final event.

At Tejaswini’s house, Preeti packs her clothes. Maamiji asks her not to start shopping there and study well. Maamaji asks her to keep pickle bottle. Sharda gives her laddo box and says she prepared it herself, asks to give pickle bottle to Tejaswini, then stops sadly.

At college, principal announces dance completion participants name. He calls Tejaswini’s name last and then Prem’s. Prem says he did not add his name and will not participate, he challenges Tejaswini that he will not let her get a partner. Tejaswini angrily plays volleyball and thinks what will she do now. Arjun enters and says she may think he is chipku, but he can be her partner and teach her a dance. She agrees. They both walk to dancing practice room. He says they should warm up and then heat up, he will start with simple steps and then kamartod/waist breaking steps. She laughs and says he is talking like girls. He says what is wrong in it. She says when they met first time, he was so rude and ordered to stand in a line. He laughs and says let us start now. He shows step. She says asks to slow down. He shows slowly. She slips. Prem comes and holds her and says once should teach someone that they will remember whole life. He dances with her sensuously on SRK’s music. Everyone look at them silently.

After sometime, Tejaswini goes to Prem and says they have to print posters and if he can check it once. Prem shouts that she is busy in dance completion and has not completed function arrangements. She says she has almost finished her work. He shouts she is training in the morning, then college, then dance practice, when will she make arrangements. He pins her to wall and shouts that she is behind price money and must have even thought how to spend it. Tejaswini pushes him and tries to leave. He holds her again and shouts it is a big amount or her and she will do with it. She confronts him and says it is none of his business and he will not understand it as he is living on his pappa’s money and has not earned a penny in his life. He leaves her and she walks away. He remembers her words and fumes.

Precap: Goons misbehave with Preeti. Preeti pleads to let her go. Tejaswini waits for Tejaswini at bus stop and her phone is switched off. Prem fights with goons and one of them stabs him.

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