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Agnifera 30th August 2017 Written Update: Shekhar Plans to Defame Shristi

Revathi searches her mobile and scolds Dulari to search soon. Dulari asks Ragini to give her mobile. Ragini says she is speaking to her father and walks out speaking to Narad and tellingshe is coming to teach lesson to Chauhan and Shanti. Anurag returns with Vishu and seeing her going hurriedly thinks she is up to something. He stops her and asks where is she going. She lies to her friend’s house. He asks what is her name. She says shanti. He insists to meet her friend as she would want to meet foreign jijaji. She says he does not like foreign items. He asks her to tell truth or return back. She walks back angrily.

Shristi returns back home with Shekhar. Shekhar says he is filing court petition to reopen Vidhvan’s land cases and if she signs divorce papers, he will file even that. Shristi says looking at Babuji and papa’s insistence, she wants to delay it. Poonam tells her papa met with an accident, so she is going home. Shekhar smirks and reminisces hiring someone to get Poonam’s information. Poonam says she has bus at 6 a.m. and Shristi need not worry, asks Shekhar to take care of Shristi. He says he will.

Ragini returns to her room and Anurag follows. Dulari brings them milk. Ragini thinks she was so hungry and forgot to eat. She picks milk glass and something falls into it. She exchanges her glass and drinks milk. Anurag asks what did she mix in his milk. She says nothing. Their argument starts. She switches off light and sleeps. He switches on to work on laptop. Their nok jhok starts again. In the morning, Ragini serves breakfast to Vidhvan and Vishu. Vishu says workers are not listening to him at site and needs her help. She thinks this is right opportunity to go out of house and punish Chauhan and agrees to help. Anurag comes and tells Vishu that he is going to VDO office, so Vishu need not come to site. Ragini says she and Vishu will go site, he can go to VDO’s office. Vidhvan says she should. Revati comes scolding Dulari and asks to find her mobile soon. Anurag says he will get her new mobile. She asks to bring with dual camera.

Shekhar fumes that Shristi is delaying divorce. He calls Purshotam from Revati’s mobile and yells to control his daughter as she is roaming with Shekhar and having an affair. He shouts he cannot hear against his daughter. She asks if he can shut people’s mouth and continues. Shristi returns and tells Shekhar that she will go to her parent’s house till Poonam returns. Shekhar says it would be easy for them if she stays at Poonam’s house and handle cases, else he has to hire another associate. Shristi agrees to stay at Poonam’s house. Shekhar smirks.

Precap: At Vidhvan’s house, Shekhar acts as speaking to Shristi over phone and asking if Poonam went to her home. Ragini hears that, she then sees Vishu speaking to Shristi over phone and realizes he is acting.

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