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Agnifera 29th December 2017 Written Update

Vishu walks out calling mama and papa. Family gets happy seeing him and ask him to go in. Vishu says he will perform pooja first. Revathi says he can perform pooja tomorrow. Vidhvan asks him to go and wash his face, they will have breakfast together. Vishu calls Shristi to come and give him milk. Shristi walks with him. He walks in, but returns asking why is family standing out. Shristi tries to stop him, but he continues walking and panics seeing his family holding his garlanded photo, dead body dummy, etc., and shouts why anyone wants to kill him, what did he do. Shrisit tries to calm him down, but he continues panicking. She gives him a tight slap. He calms down.

Shristi takes Vishu in. He continues panicking and hiding behind pillow. She says he is very brave and should win over fear. He sleeps.

Shristi and Ragini discuss who must have done all this. They think Rajjo must have and walk to her room. Rajjo starts her drama. Ragini pins her down and warns to accept if she is behind all this drama. Rajjo says no and shows Shisti face in a mirror and says she is trying to kill her husband. Shristi reverts back. Ragini warns she will trash her if she does not accept her crime. Rajjo continues her drama. Ragini twists her hand. Brij enters and rescues Rajjo and says even he is angry like them, but Rajjo was in room whole night.

Ragini and Anurag go to store room and discuss who must have done this. Ragini takes Rajjo;s name, then Dulari. Anurag says Dulari cannot be. Ragini says Revathi then. Anurag says mother cannot harm her child. Ragini apologizes. Anurag gets romantic. Revathi walks in doing pooja and throwing gangajal. They both hide. They both hide. Revathi sees lizard and yells at it. She hits lizard with broom and goes out to clean her hand. They both come out and get romantic again…

Precap: Anurag walks into Ragini’s room disguised as laundryman and gets romantic. Someone pulls Vishu down. He falls down and seeing a note calls Anurag for help. Anurag rushes for help. Rajjo alleges Shristi as usual. Revathi fumes.

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